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Junior Netball

Junior Netball

Netball competition available for school aged children

Bannockburn hosts a junior netball competition for school aged children. The junior competition welcomes all girls and boys to put a team together and join our fun filled competition. Juniors compete in 2 seasons that we have available, summer (October-March) and winter (April-September). Finals, grand final and award presentations will be held at the end of each season and grading matches will be conducted at the start of the seasons.

YMCA junior netball competition is a second step following on from Net Set Go for children to create a future netball path for their self. YMCA follows Bannockburn and District Netball Association By-Laws to have positive conduct throughout games.


Bookings are essential


Senior Netball

Senior Netball

Ladies and Mixed netball competition

YMCA Bannockburn offer senior netball for all ladies to participate in as well as mixed netball teams.

YMCA encourages adults to grab friends together and register for our fun filled but competitive competitions. Our senior netball competition is available for 2 seasons, broken into summer (October - March) and winter competition (April - September).

At the beginning of each season, grading games will commence. Grading games decide where each team is best suited and will benefit by being in. Rules and regulations are adhered to during every game by following the by-laws from Bannockburn and District Netball Association. Badged umpires are provided to help the game run smoothly and structured with a range of game decisions to respectfully improve netball development.


Bookings essential


Net Set Go

Net Set Go

Fun, safe and active program for girls and boys aged 5-10 years

Net set go is a 3 tier netball program that is focused on helping young children learn how to play netball. YMCA encourages the positive friendships and learning experience that is included with our net set go activities.

  • Net: Learning fundamental motor skills
  • Set: Progression of motor and netball skills
  • Go: Netball specific based drills and skills

YMCA provide a safe environment for children to attend their Net Set Go program whilst having fun. Net Set Go not only provides children with the skills to move forward and play in competition, but it also encourages children to create new friendships, boost confidence levels, gain netball skills and knowledge but most of all, it encourages children to participate, to have a go!

On completion of the program, we encourage participants to create a team and join the junior netball competition for extra development and social skills. Net Set Go commences in Term 2 and 3 of the calendar year.

Net Set Go registration is done through Netball Victoria and membership is to be attained. This program is term based program. The amount of session fees is based on the number of weeks in a particular term. Registration fees are;

$11.00 per session and $68.00 VNA

Bookings are essential

Registration: mynetball.resultsvault.com

2021- Ladies, Mixed, Junior Competitions and Net Set Go  Clinics

2021- Ladies, Mixed, Junior Competitions and Net Set Go  Clinics

The new season starting February 2021

To register a team please follow this link: https://sportfix.net/YMCAGeelong

This is the link for all Netball Victoria Membership products


To register for 2021 NetSetGO Program  commencing April 2021 - Registration link


Individuals can also register via the MyNetball App.

Download the App from your preferred app store and search Bannockburn & District Netball Association.  Both membership sign up forms can be found here.