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YMCA Governance

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YMCA Geelong is a charitable, not for profit community organisation celebrating 61 years servicing the community across recreation, camping, youth, and children’s services.

The Board is seeking volunteer Board Members with skills and capacity to contribute to the development and delivery of our Vision 2024 Strategy.

Skilled professionals with a commitment to good governance may have the following skills but not limited to;

  • Human resource management
  • Community-sport, recreation, leisure or health expertise
  • Fundraising. Capital raising, Fundraising Campaign Management
  • Strategy Planning
  • Not for Profit governance to guide the future direction of the YMCA Geelong.

The YMCA has a commitment to youth empowerment which includes in the governance of the YMCA and encourages applications from candidates under the age of 31.

Have you ever thought about being a board member of a diverse, dynamic not for profit board where your skills and experiences could really make a difference to the community?

Kate Nelson did in 2011 when as a Director of Marketing and Communications at Barwon Health applied to join the YMCA Board and share her knowledge and skills with the governance of the Y.

“I wanted to join YMCA Geelong because I wanted to share my skills and experience by serving the community in an honorary position,” said Kate. She went on to tell us “I have been able to contribute to the YMCA’s strategic direction to impact people’s lives making them happier, healthier and connected.”

Like Kate, this might just be the opportunity for you!

For more information contact: Shona Eland, CEO YMCA Geelong M:0400 179369

Corporate Governance

YMCA acknowledges the importance of good corporate governance, which establishes accountability for the YMCA operations and management, and provides the policies and procedures, sets the strategic direction for the organisation and provides stewardship on behalf of its members.

The YMCA governance policies and procedures remain under constant review to ensure they meet the expectations of our Association, members and the community generally.

All Board members are chosen for their individual qualities and possess either demonstrated qualities of leadership or potential for leadership. Board members -

Represent the members and the community by -

  • Responsibly representing the members and the Movement in formulating policies and programs to meet community needs.
  • Bringing to the Association expertise and relationships that may benefit the YMCA at the local level.

It must also be acknowledged that:

  • The Constitution dictates that Board members must not be appointed to any salaried office of the organisation, but have a variety of means by which they can serve.
  • The Board promotes the strategic plans of the organisation

What does the Y expect of you, as a Board member?

YMCA Governance responsibilities down to three broad areas:

  • Fiduciary Responsibilities
  • Community Accountability
  • Movement Development

Fiduciary Responsibilities

The term “Fiduciary” is a legal term. In its simplest form, it means: “A duty to act in good faith for the benefit of, or in the interests of another”. In our case, the ‘another’ we are talking about might be:

  • The members who voted you onto the Board
  • The local community
  • The wider YMCA movement.

A Board member’s fiduciary responsibilities include their legal responsibilities:

  • under the Constitution, and
  • under the relevant legislative Acts

There are 8 main fiduciary responsibilities:

  • Select, support and monitor the performance of the Chief Executive.
  • Mission focussed
  • Act within the parameters of the Constitution
  • Ensure effective management of financial resources
  • Ensure effective management of risk
  • Understand the relationship between the Board and the staff
  • Ensure that the Board and its members act in an ethical manner
  • Ensure Board policies reflect legislative and broader YMCA requirements

Community Accountability

The YMCA looks to its Boards of governance to represent the Y in the local community.

  • Community Connectedness
  • Adopt and implement a strategic planning process
  • Ensure that the composition of the Board is reflective of the community.

Movement Development

YMCAs are licensed by the National Movement to operate in their local communities. No-one else has the right to operate a Y in your licensed territory without your permission. There are, however, expectations attached to this:

  • Continue to grow and develop the Y in your area
  • Ensure programs and services adapt to changing community requirements
  • The good name of the Y is maintained

YMCA has two charitable entities which provide services and support to the greater Geelong region;

  • YMCA Geelong Inc.
  • Geelong and District YMCA Youth Services.
  • Geelong and District YMCA Youth Services is also a recognised Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) entity

Board members are elected to serve on both entities for a minimum three year term.

YMCA Board Documents